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Natural poser lol

Damion is almost ready ^-^

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I am really fond of Damion! You used that new hair super well. My only constructive criticism is that his eyebrows are not very masculine; maybe shockshame's eyebrows would bring out his ruggedness better! :)

Asked by saylby

Why thank you ^^

Male eyebrows were what I was searching for but I always forget to save where to get them and you just showed me the light as it were lol

Thank you :3

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Sorry~ Like I said before…I’m not artistic, nor can I use Photoshop xD
My artistic skills are on the same level as Wufan. aka 

The hairstyle used on Pandora is the original from Newea, but the previous picture of her was using the re-texture from Jennisims

CC List

Mods: Chin Cleft
SkinHair | Eyebrows | Eyelashes

Makeup: Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Lipstick

Everyday: Layered Cardigan Top | Leather Skinny Pants | Dr. Martins

Athletic: Basic Tank Top | Knit Knee Pant | Nike High Tops

Sleepwear: Stella McCartney

Swimwear: Summer Breeze Sheer Pareo


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Pandora will be uploaded with another sim on my birthday - Tuesday 12th

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Just as nervous as how she looks right now

Only thing left is to actually upload her….

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Coming along now….just a few more tweaks….

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My first CC

Coming soon!

….It’s gonna take a while, but I’m working on it n.n

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